Cupcakes for Breakfast!

Simple chocolate fudge mini cupcakes! Ok, maybe not for breakfast, but I did whip these up when I woke up today, as a nice little gift for a morning tea.  And yes… I did have at least a spoonful of fudge with with my coffee. So technically it counts as breaky. 😉

The thing I love about mini cupcakes is that you can make a heck of a lot of them, in a pretty short amount of time. Which is a good thing in my household, because when my back is turned they tend to disappear. In fact on one occasion, after a busy night of baking, my sad and sorry partner complained to me that he was suffering from a  tummy ache. After doing a quick count of what was left.. we worked out he had managed to eat 50 of them (and dip them in batter) over the course of the night. *sigh* Something about good help – hard to find? 😛

But I digress…. I just wanted to quickly post about how much I love the simplicity of a big star nozzle.  Quick fat swirls, a sprinkle of  pretty cachous and you have a lovely little gift.  Yea… If I can do a batch at breakfast, I’m a happy camper. Simple, understated & super fast. Big smiles from me!

And with these few pics, I will call it a night! Thanks for dropping by & have a great rest of your week!

Miss Cat 🙂

Chocolate Fudge Mini Cup Cakes with Mixed Silver Cachous.

Chocolate Fudge Mini Cup Cakes with Mixed Silver Cachous.


Mini Cupcakes for Captain Awesome!

Mini cupcakes for a special morning tea at work 🙂

I spend my days working with a strange assortment of people. (Although I readily admit that I am the strangest of them all 😉 ). The office  is quite a diverse little place, made up of a people whom are of differing cultures, ages and attitudes.  The majority get along really well, we all afford each other a great deal of respect and endeavor to keep a productive but easy going atmosphere. And lucky for me  there are a few special people who I can have fun with. It makes my days so much nicer knowing that someone is there that I can joke around with, let off steam with, & who on odd occasions tell me to stop looking so menacing and put the stapler down. Staplers should not imply “danger” 😛

Well today marked the last day for one of the fun people, who is moving on to greener pastures.  As sad as it is to see him go, its fantastic that he is movin on up!  So, it was only fitting to throw a celebratory morning tea complete with gifts & cupcakes!  Gez I’m rambling – I’ll to cut to the chase! Our team mate dubbed himself “Captain Awesome” quite a while ago, so today we made it official with an engraved medal to wear all day!  With the medal in mind, I worked on creating mini medal cupcakes this week.  A platter of mini cupcakes = big smiles from me!  I do love minis!

To make the medals, I used the base of a piping nozzle to cut nice small round discs. I then pressed the end of a coupling into the disc to give a small printed border. At first my idea was to write on them all with a food marker, but when I tried that, they looked quite plain and rough.  So I used a great little set of star cutters to give them more character.  I cut the stars out and stuck them on with sugar glue, then once dried I painted them all up with silver metallics & blue highlights.

I was really happy with the way they turned out. The final product was a bit of a let down though. I put them together this morning at 6 (which is harsh as I am not a morning person…) and I piped out chocolate fudge frosting as my base with blue piped “ribbons” to place the medals on. If I do them again, I will definitely cut the ribbons out of fondant to get a better finish.

Choc fudge mini medals for everyone!

So… hope this gave you a smile. If I could share them out, I would give one to you all.. 😀 Because everyone is special enough to deserve a medal!

I think the early morning is scrambling my brain. Time to put my feet up and switch off for the night.

Thanks for dropping by!

Miss Cat

I lost my kitchen mojo :(

… but its ok, I think I have found it now.

Been readin, relaxing & drinkin tea with Mica lately… 🙂

Apart from the Mothers Day cake, it had been a long time between posts. There have been a heck of a lot of things going on, and in the mix, I got a bit knocked about. So to be 100% honest, I have been staying out of the kitchen.

This post  is a bit about me, less about cake. So please feel free to skip the read, it’s not really going to go anywhere. Some bloggers I follow use their blogs as a form of therapy. I write this blog to share the cakey love, but mostly to encourage myself to practice, learn and improve.  Just this once though, I will try therapy.

I am a simple girl. I live in a smaller city in Australia which makes its money from industry rather than tourism. This means the surrounding landscape is peppered with smokestacks, silos and imposing structures covered in red, black and grey. Its the grey, the smoke, the gloom… that can permiate everything in your life if you let it. I work full time,  paid for 38 but actually working 40+ hrs a week as a receptionist/office admin/very bottom of the ladder/fixer of everything/go to girl. Its a good honest job. I drifted into it with no experience, and I struggle every day to keep up with a hefty work load, but it has taught me a lot. Its not my passion. I don’t need it to be. Its what keeps my rent & bills paid, and helps me to feel secure in the fact that I can look after myself.

So here is the thing… I work hard. It takes up a huge number of hours in my week. But I work to enjoy the rest of my life. I am fiercely protective of my home time. I try to fill it with the people & things that I love.  Things that make me happy. Bright beautiful things. Things the opposite of grey gloom.

Cakes are part of that. Some times a big part. Sometimes not so much.  For those who I share it with, I do it from the heart.  Its the only way I know. I’m not here to make money from cakes. I’m here to share happiness. At this point of my life, that’s my truth. And it’s this, that causes a big issue for me. You see, there are people in my life that use me for free cakes.  That I only hear from when they want a freebie.  Hours and hours spent on specialty cakes, as favors.  Now I’ve explained how precious my down time is to me? Well it breaks me a little bit, when I let this happen.  When I put time, feeling & effort into something for someone who really just doesn’t want to pay a professional. And I put that on me, because I hate to think people are really like that. So I devalue my time and self. And I break a little. And I don’t cake.

I was asked to do a wedding cake for a friend in March. Not someone close to me. Free in lieu of gift. It started off easy. 30 cupcake tower. Basic butter cream frosting.  Delivered an hour away (brought to the wedding with me as I was a guest). Over the course of time it turned into a 2 tiered top cake, on a tower of 40 cupcakes. Each decorated differently, fondant with handmade roses. To be delivered 12 hours away.  I will admit, every time the design changed I got upset. I let myself get used. It was my fault. But I was doing it as a gesture of friendship, and to share in their celebration of love, so I let it be ok.  As the wedding date got closer, mother nature conspired against our plans.  Severe heavy rain pummeled the North Queensland coast.  2 cyclones threatened the area, and dumped an unseasonable amount of rain. Rivers rose, bridges flooded, long stretches of highway were damaged and closed.  The road became impassible. My travel plans were blocked by 11 emergency road closures. The bride understood that there was nothing I could do. And was absolutely fine. Luckily her father in law to be is a Chef, so he was more than happy to take over the duty and organise a gorgeous cake for the day. No fuss. No crisis really. Nobody left in the lurch.  It all worked out. I was left feeling a bit devistated for missing out on the wedding and seeing our friends into a new chapter of their life. But there was nothing more I could do.I felt bad for the situation, but eventually made peace with it.

Until I was happily looking through their online wedding pics, only to find the cake pictures, with the caption “the cake people canceled the day before” written under them. Not “we missed our friends and wished they could share our day”.  I was upset. Gutted actually. Tired.  And feeling used. And I stopped caking. If my heart is not there, I cant do it. For the last little bit I have been feeling very “I can’t”.

And what I need to learn from this…. is that I value my time. I value myself.

I will choose more wisely how I give my time. And I will learn how to say no.

Anyone who hand makes something puts their time, their skill and a little bit of themselves into it.  That is worth something. Its time away from the people they love. Time that could be spent making memories. Time is all that we have.      I personally love handmade.  I love the specialness of it. Handmade makes my life more colourful and happy.

So… that has been my little emotional detour. A rambling little story… as I tend to ramble. You know… I actually do feel better for writing it all down. I guess I can see how this does work as therapy.

If you took the time to read this. Thanks friend. 🙂

Flower bouquet cake for Mothers Day!

“Sweet” flowers for Mothers Day!

Hi- ya! Its been very quite here on the blog… but I really wanted to quickly post a pic of the cake I made for my mum for mothers day.

This gorgeous little cake is a cake of the month design from Cake Decorating Central. I spent all day putting it together, having a ball with the fondant stems and flowers. In saying that… it has been a big day and I’m plum tuckered out. So I will keep it short and sweet.

Wishing all the mummies out there a very wonderful day!! xxx

Thanks for dropping by!

Miss Cat

My mum & I 😀 She was delighted with the cake, and I am thankful for the life cake decorating lessons she has given me. 😉