About Miss Cat

I am an amateur cake decorator, with the bad habit of saying “sure, I can do that”. For years I have learnt how to do things as people asked for them… which ultimately meant a high stress, figuring it out on my own, tense, cake experience. Surprisingly I haven’t had too many massive misadventures and melt downs (when there has been its been lots of Italian passion… screaming, tears, then picking myself back up and sorting it out). But this year I have decided to change from my “learning on the fly” ways. I’m going to practice, learn & post the results. Hopefully I will become a better decorator for it… at the very least I will have a laugh and have some cake to share around!

One of my best cake decorating moments... having the privilege of working with these two amazing chefs, to create a wedding cake for a couple who are our dear friends!

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