Flower bouquet cake for Mothers Day!

“Sweet” flowers for Mothers Day!

Hi- ya! Its been very quite here on the blog… but I really wanted to quickly post a pic of the cake I made for my mum for mothers day.

This gorgeous little cake is a cake of the month design from Cake Decorating Central. I spent all day putting it together, having a ball with the fondant stems and flowers. In saying that… it has been a big day and I’m plum tuckered out. So I will keep it short and sweet.

Wishing all the mummies out there a very wonderful day!! xxx

Thanks for dropping by!

Miss Cat

My mum & I 😀 She was delighted with the cake, and I am thankful for the life cake decorating lessons she has given me. 😉


Holidays & Cakey Travel!


Well I have been pretty quiet on the blog front, feels like I have been away for ages! But I have been literally here, there & everywhere lately. I’ve been completely unable to sit at my laptop for more that a second! So much has been going on, and all my well meant plans to put up a few posts have gone right out the window. 😦

So for a quick catch up of the last few weeks…. Firstly, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day! I love the special little celebration days through the year, and try to celebrate all of them. I guess I treat them as some of the extra spice in life! 😉  Usually I enjoy using Valentines day as an excuse to plan something special for my beau, but this year it took a back seat to an out-of-town trip that was a gift to us both.

Some trip pics!

Over the last week I have been on the most fun holiday! A very special friend of ours turned 30 and his gorgeous wife decided to surprise him by organising a group trip to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast!  It was such a wonderful trip, getting to see some of the people we love, and wish we lived closer too. And of course being a birthday, I really wanted to make a cake as well! Which posed the challenge, how to make a cake that travels! – This will get its own post!

Also while away, I found the cutest little chocolates! Do you find that when you are out and about doing things not even remotely related to cakes, you find thing that inspire new cake ideas? I know I do! Cake on my mind… all the time! 😛

Delightful Freckleberry Chocolate numbers! Wouldn't these be a super cute cake topper? They certainly made me smile! 😀

Can’t you just see these on a cake? A gorgeous chocolate cake with choc frosting and freckles all over the trims?  Ohh… or a lush red velvet cake with choc marbled ganache!  I checked out the fab Freckleberry website and they also do letters!  I will definitely be daydreaming about a cute creation just for the excuse to use these.

Also squished into the craziness of holidays was a fluffy happy cake that I made with my mum.

Mums Chiffon Cake & Soft Meringue Frosting

The photos don’t show up the lovely sky blue base colour. This cake was also for a surprise party. Must have been a good week for surprises!  I helped out with some modeling paste numbers and cute little silver stars on wire, and we finished the cake with some cheerful balloons which matched the decorations for the party.  Apparently the birthday boy was thrilled with his party, and wrapped with the cake! – As were all the guest!

A cheerful surprise for Rodney's 60th!

Anyways now I’m back – it’s a harsh reality getting back to work, and frantically catching up on the teetering piles of jobs that have amassed in my absence. I’m rambling a bit now and its dinner time, so I will call it a night. The nice thing is once I’m back to being on top of things, I will post far more regularly.

Hope your having a lovely night and thanks for dropping by! 🙂


Chiffon cake, Filipino styled frosting, multi coloured Flower Wedding Cake - By my mother & me.

Hello! I would like to introduce my new blog, a kitty & her cakes.

For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in cake decorating. From the time I was old enough to see over the kitchen table top, I watched my mother decorating cakes. She would make traditional Filipino cakes for friends, creating pretty, fluffy masterpieces, that fascinated me. She learnt from her mother, who learnt from hers,  relying on cakes to make money to share with the family – growing up in the Philippines. When mum moved to Australia she kept on cooking. So for as long as I can remember there has been cakes. I guess any little girl would fall in love with sweet fluffy frosting, feather light ruffles & rainbow colored, delicate sugary flowers.

So I watched and I learnt, and I grew older.

Chiffon Cake, with fluffy frosting & fantasy sugar flowers - A garden wedding cake by my mother & me.

For 20 years now, I have decorated as a hobby. Tinkering with decorations for cakes with my mum, doing the odd cake for a friend.  Its something I always go back to, a gift passed from mother to daughter.

I’m 31 now, and this year I have made the commitment to myself to learn more. I have never called myself a cake decorator. I don’t have the confidence.  But I want to get better, I want to practice & learn.  I’m going to push myself to create something new each month, to learn a new technique, to move away from my comfort zones. This blog will document my projects, my successes & my failures.  I’m excited to start, because even the most stressful flop will teach me something I didn’t know before.

A blue themed anniversary cake. Chiffon cake, fluffy icing & sugar flowers - By my mother & me.

Well, that’s a little about me. I look forward to the rest of the year, and the projects to come.

Thanks for dropping by!

Miss Cat 🙂