Radio Silence!

Hello! Hello! Hello! 😀

Due to unforseen circumstances, I was suddenly without a computer for a couple of weeks, and so I disappeared! 😦

And I have to say, it was absolutely dreadful! I missed my favorite blogs, and it was awful to have the posts I had planned come to a stall! I also missed Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest & internet shopping…. yes, yes…. I am hopelessly addicted to the internet I think! Good thing I had Instagram on my phone to take the edge off! 😉

The good news is, I have had this new beautiful laptop for all of 4 hours, and I am back! Yep, the first thing I wanted to do was post a quick hello!

Nothing says hello like fresh baked marble cake! 😀

So much has happened while I have been offline. I will have to take a moment to recoup and work out how & where to start writing again.

So for now, I will share some very basic pictures of a bright and cheerful marble cake. I made it with a simple buttercake recipe, which I split up and coloured nice & brightly with some vibrant food colours.  I love bright colours so much, and it really makes me smile to swirl bright blue & red & green together!  Please excuse the poor phone pictures… I was thankful that my lovely man remembered to take pictures while I was happily twirling around the kitchen! 😉

Red, Blue, Green & White! Twirled and Swirled!

So I will leave it there for tonight, and spend the rest of the evening happily reading the user guide to my new laptop.

The finished cake? Why a rainbow of course! 😉

Until next time, thanks for dropping by!

😀 Miss Cat


Being part of something special.

I just love weekends away! The weekend just been was a long one in some parts of Oz, so we got the opportunity to take a cold drive south to catch up with family & friends. One visit I was particularly excited about was with a pair of our closest friends who have just had a wonderful addition to their family, a beautiful baby boy! Seeing them and meeting bub for the first time had me thinking about the special place friends have in our hearts, and the wonderful histories we create with them. (ohhh wow… can you tell I’m a big softy? Sorry if I’m being overly sentimental ;))

Just over 2 years ago, we were gathered together to celebrate at their wedding. It was a truly beautiful event and I was excited, proud, & more than a little scared to be part of the team that created the wedding cake.  I hope you will indulge me while I take this opportunity to share some photos & reminisce about the best cake experience I have been privileged to be a part of.

~The wedding cake~

Designed by the bride, the wedding cake was created with the theme colours of the wedding, a deep ruby red & satin white. The cupcakes were made in chocolate & red velvet, and were baked a generous muffin size to be used as the dessert at the reception.

Now to break down the collaboration which brought this all together. The cake team was made up of the bride (a chef) and her mother, who got together and baked the most delicious cupcakes, which I can’t quite remember how many there ended up being. I want to say 150… if it wasn’t that it was close. The decorating team was made up of the groom (a chef), my partner (also a chef) and myself (food enthusiast?). Oh yea… it was 2 chefs getting married. Hence my heightened nervousness with getting the cake right. 😛

Together, all the components of the cake decorating took well over 2 days (plus a good couple of nights of bow making) to get to the finished product. And it was so worth it. I can’t tell you how wrapped I was when we finally put it together. And how awesome it was to work with the guys. In the past the two had worked together in a few different kitchens, so not only were they a skilled, quick & formidable team, but they worked with an ease & a sense of humor that added to an unforgettable experience for me. (I felt like I was working with the cool kids 😉 )

The boys putting the big bow together for the top cake. 😀 And the trays of red & white finished cupcakes.

Just going through the photos has put the biggest smile on my face, and inspired me to revisit this design. Bows are such a lovely and elegant decoration. I’m happy to say, I think I have just found my first tutorial topic. Coming soon 😉

So I hope you have enjoyed this little step back in time for me.  I will post again shortly with something a little more recent, promise! 😛

Hope your having a fantastic week. Thanks for dropping by!

Miss Cat

~The happy couple~